16 May 9-10 am
At +Studio, Pursimiehenkatu 26c
Breakfast 10€

This breakfast is dedicated to the rethinking and reconfiguration of work. Our guest Saara Hannula from Reality Research Center guides us to look at work from a utopian perspective asking what work means in the society of today and what else it could possibly be. This involves dealing with issues such as the personal and shared use of time, the social and political organization of a work community and the workplace as a physical environment indianpharmall.com. To set the utopian thought process in motion, we will provide you with a set of tools that you can apply in your own working environment. Also, we will be working in teams to support and challenge each other in the process of finding new solutions.

The breakfast is hosted by Reality Reseach Center, a Helsinki-based performing arts collective. RRC is currently constructing a utopian version of reality: the idea is to use artistic methods as tools and apply them to our shared reality instead of producing ephemeral objects and processes that are limited to the field of art. We encourage and challenge both ourselves and the people around us to look at everyday life as a platform for design and take the process of making into our own hands instead of submitting to existing habits and conventions.

Sign up by 14 May.