Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 7th +Studio Breakfast challenges us to re-think the role of design and technology in reshaping our immediate environments and cities into more meaningful and enjoyable places for all.

Our guest Sami Niemelä from Nordkapp will introduce three things that will shape our immediate future and make it ripe for innovation in how we interact with each other and the world around us.Sami Niemelä is a designer blatantly excited about the new; things, experiences and interactions digital technology connects and enables all around us. Currently Sami is one of the founding partners and creative director at the Helsinki based, internationally acclaimed design firm Nordkapp. In his spare time he likes to obsess about coffee and help connecting the dots for the local design community as the founder of IxDA Finland. For inspiration, see: light breakfast of mainly organic food will be served. Breakfast, 10€, is served by Mat.+Studio Breakfast is an inspirational hour long starter for the working day. We invite individuals with a compelling, topical, insightful and forward looking stories to share. After their short presentations there is plenty of time for questions, discussion, debate and networking.