April, 11th 9:00-10:00, +Studio, Pursimiehenkatu 26 C (
Architect Martti Kalliala and curator, writer Jenna Sutela explain how they made up the scenarios for their book Solution 239-246: Finland. Jenna and Martti tell us which are their favorite scenarios and how they came up with the solutions. After the short presentation there is plenty of time for discussion. An organic breakfast will be served by Joel Gräfnings.

“Welcome to Finland, a young land of rapid aging, where newly founded institutions are already outmoded and geographic impediments are a constant crippling agent. As part of Ingo Niermann’s Solution Series, Solution Finland: The Welfare Game by architect Martti Kalliala with writer and curator Jenna Sutela and architect Tuomas Toivonen, addresses the Nordic country’s numerous predicaments.

The three authors offer readers eight and a half solutions to their native country’s quandaries, ranging from the absurd (the implementation of fiction-mongering emissaries to boost tourism) to the earnest, if far-reaching (the repurposing of the country to host nuclear waste). Solution Finland elucidates the northern country’s modern history as a nation under construction, proposing that its identity remain a malleable myth, in which designing a more tenable future is the conduit for crucial adaptation.” (Sternberg Press)

Breakfast 10 € (please bring cash, we haven’t yet got a payment terminal).

The event will be held in English.