In Beam Me Up, Scotty! competition three design teams, junior and mentor member in each, provided their solution to the future challenges. The concepts were looking at year 2030 and were based on megatrends such as Prosperity, Aging, Technological Development and Health & Environment.

The competition brief was very open and outcomes were anticipated ranging from products and services to solutions – anything between a nifty application, furniture or an immersive experience. The process started in early summer 2012 and ended at Habitare fair, Septemeber 12-16, 2012 with workshop days to finalize the concepts to prototypes.

Bogdan Chernyakevich and Kristoffer Juhl Beilman made a Design Monopoly  (pictured) that reflects the changes in designers profession and in the creative field. Design Monopoly is effectively a hands-on service design game. Perfect for aspiring designers for mapping out career options and path ahead. The concept can be customized to any occupation, naturally.









Kristian Aarseth and Tuomo Tammenpää created a sensor based system called hei for communicating with friends and loved ones through emphatic plants. For example parents and a child leaving home for studies share plants and both parties can observe early on how the other party is feeling based on how the plant is growing. The growth and well-being of the plant is controlled through automated nutrition, water and light supply that is linked to for example wristband bio sensor køb viagra i danmark. Even though the loved ones might be physically far away, they are very near through the plant. And if in need of an assisting hand, the plant will tell.







Winner: Fernanda Torre and Hrafnkell Birgisson studied aging and prosperity as their megatrends and came up with a concept called Life Bits – a modular public system for connecting generations and sharing memories, stories and tacit knowledge. It utilizes for example intelligent surfaces with which you can interact and that can display multimedia content at ease – a library of life, like a live social media archive.