Membership categories

+Studio offers membership with standard open office services where you can choose between fixed desk and mobile desk options depending on your needs. In addition, and most importantly, we will be providing members with exclusive programming for personal and professional development.

+Studio membership services

  • Time and access: 24/7 access, personal key
  • Office: wireless network access, printing, copying, personal locker, coffee, tea, kitchen, use of meeting rooms, space rental for bigger events.
  • Personal and professional development: peer training & mentoring on topics such as branding and commercialization; how-to-workshops; +Studio Clinic workshops*; event programming such as breakfasts, talks and seminars.


  • Fixed Desk : 300€ / month (+VAT 24% if applicable)
  • Mobile Desk: 225€ / month (+VAT 24% if applicable)
  • Mobile Desk: 125€/ half a month (+VAT 24% if applicable)

If you are interested in joining us, send us email at or visit us.