Beam me up, Scotty! is a workshop, a process and an exhibition defining future in a time where there is no history, no future. In 2012 we are living 70’s science fiction fantasy. Digital revolution has lead us to totally new frontiers where any one can be anywhere with anyone any time. Even space tourism is waiting on the wings.

Unfortunately at the same time future and futurism also looks like invented and designed  by Rams / Saarinen / Kubrick Associates in the heydays of modern omnipotentia. You ask for future,  you get Dulles Airport, you say futurism, you’ll end up with Braun electric razor circa 1972. It all was and it all is in Space Odyssey 2001.

Beam me up, Scotty! wants future back. It explores and shows what it means to be futuristic in a time of re: Reinvention, reproduction, reimagining, rearrenging. In a time where everything new is old and everything old is new and it’s all accessible instantly and globally.  Design wise time has became a cycle forever referring to itself.

Beam me up, Scotty! says though there is no history there still can be a future. Designers are asked to create the future, the problem and the  solution  – future application to solve future problem based on current megatrends.

Beam me up, Scotty! tests design processes. It transcends time, place and space. Designers come from all over Nordic and Baltic region, they work in pairs of junior and mentor, but won’t meet until their prototype is revealed in Habitare. Design process happens online, it’s transparent and documented, and plans turn into prototypes in Habitare.

Text: Jari Saariaho / Köln