The Design Accelerator. Explorative Coworking Community. Collaborative Space.

+Studio is where the creative thinkers and doers work, learn and get inspired turning ideas into action, impact and success. +Studio is co-created by its members – whatever we do is through careful consideration and engagement of all of our members.

+Studio is the design accelerator in Helsinki, a springboard for the new Finnish design and thinking to go global.

+Studio is the catalyst, the place where professionals from various walks of life are being inspired by their diversity, challenging each other, all in the pursuit of the new design thinking and its opportunities.

Our 450m2 space right in the heart of Helsinki Design District is an inspiring experience and it can be easily arranged for co-working, networking, exhibitions, events and workshops. We are located in an old factory building with character, heritage and stories to tell.

Why we exist 
The world will be ever more connected, and the innovation and inspiration happens in and through networks. Even more, ideas are networks and by providing spaces that foster ideas and people to connect we can create something new and meaningful.

We believe that in this evermore complex world of ours, design plays a key role in connecting ideas, talents and opportunities and bringing sense, direction and clarity to the wealth of challenges.

So, there is an opportunity, a great amount of Finnish design talent with huge potential and a great momentum right now to explore new ways of working, sharing, learning and creating.

However, the great heritage of Finnish Design is poorly utilized, and there is a lack of places, actions and culture that brings talents together to accelerate the commercialization and internationalization of new Finnish design. We believe that change is needed in how we think, how we collaborate and how we make things happen and it is +Studio where the change is happening…

What’s unique, then? 
Diverse group of doers and thinkers whose heart beats for design and its possibilities, whether we are talking using design as a vehicle to promote systemic, societal changes or are digging deeper into development of products, services, environments and culture. These diverse people are inspired from one another both locally and through our international network.

We are driven to be the catalyst, the accelerator that fosters new Finnish design thinking and its global opportunities. Openness, co-creation and experimentation will be at the core of our mission. We are driven to foster the emergence of new talent networks that aims at collaboratively solving and innovating something that never has been done before. This calls for new entrepreneurial thinking and we are up to the challenge. This is a call for action.

You are invited.  


Manager Sami Oinonen,
Curator Ida Kukkapuro,